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everything is in smooth over time!

a gorgeous robe

4gewe3g6edge A lot of people hope to hold hands, like a gorgeous robe, wear in the body, never fade. Just, everything is in smooth over time, slowly flow to the far away. There are always a few people always cried out, time to go to where, where my time, time is lost in you kept Shouting. The long journey and boring is not at a loss, the most boring is constantly being hit, hit from process, public pressure from friends, from deliberately, some places will have these.
If one day I'm tired, I will give up the whole world, don't assume that the memory will be kept for a long time, I can only say that I don't want to see everything, more is not the intent of the beginning. Said everyone in the busy, busy reason has a lot of, is time. One of the world is difficult, a person carries a group of people carry a world is very simple. Speak truth, more than one of our action, action will make you feel everything is very simple actually. Don't look at me all the time, my world is not really one solo is wonderful, wonderful is all dance together.
When ignorant dream is reality of existing lash the pulp, when reality to destroy shattered once childish, I try to continue to look for once dream. No not all, but has been destroyed, immediately, with a thick layer of dust in my heart, as if, mind decades have not washed. Fear wrapped in a lonely attacks on my body and mind. Finally one day, I'll tired, crying, pain and confusion, will sorrow, even with a boycott to resist the damage to my heart. Everyone has a dream, when facing the dream cannot continue, I am willing to fall in the way of dream, is also reluctant to let the dream in the setback deserted.

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I always dream of can into the place nearest to heaven.

tired of life,

People are so: when the desires are not being met, will be painful; When the desire to be satisfied, will get bored. Already have things often don't know to cherish, don't get things are always in pursuit. Is in such a life again and again through, looked up and smiled flowers bloom, when the stimulation found a wisp of a lens, just know in imperceptible in, from the side quietly but go to years, and the aging melancholy. You may not voluntarily, do you want to witness the power of your life, so you continuously pursue, constantly search, your name, for profit, for love, in the stage of life constantly rotating, never stop. So the chances of you sacrifice a lot of scenery, wasted a lot of scenery of the mood. You want only one result, but forgot to enjoy the process. When you see canthus of crow's feet again, only they themselves in a corner, to aftertaste, began to ponder, began to sip the product alone. Because you meet, you lost a lot of opportunity; Because you don't meet, you're missing the romantic life. Life is really hard, really is unpredictable. It gives everyone out of a piece of paper, also for everyone's different answer, live free and easy, live sincerely, live freely, wonderful to live passionate people lived; Sedulous pursuit of people, tired of life, only pay attention to the results, the exhaustion of unscrupulous people lived.
Like the pilgrims, content of the lyrics of this song, I always dream of can into the place nearest to heaven. Ideal let heart cannot reach far, however, money, time, life, suffering, and everything has formed the reason cannot be implemented. Time is like this, day after day after day when the sun rises every day I said to myself, give yourself a happy reason, to a relaxed mood excuse, even if is really no money no time, I can be happy every day. So shut himself in the home, lying in the sun, reading a book that oneself like, write oneself mood words, listen to music on the radio that stranger. Happiness is so simple, so simple only your heart can feel.
The road of life, we always miss too much, and the true pilgrims is after death, we will really set foot on days and at that time no one knows. Always want to without infringing on your own wishes and do not harm the interests of others, can try a little more than happy to find things to do, a seasonal alternate, a rebirth, in our opinion may not be the influence of mostly, but want to carefully, can have how many the spring and autumn period and the cycle of life. No matter what our hands have to cherish, to cherish the time, should value the money, want to cherish health, to cherish everything in our life.
We should cherish every day of life, don't wait to fall after lamenting the spring green, in the long summer warm in winter. On the way of life, not to hastily hurry and ignore the scenery along the way.
Life is like a journey, don't need to care about the destination, care about the scenery along the way and the mood! How can life really so open-minded?
Life is a journey, the journey encountered in every person, every thing and every beautiful scenery, is likely to become a lifetime unforgettable scenery. Along the way, we can't guess would be to meet what kind of scenery, there is no sign where the destination is, but always can't stop forward steps, because time does not allow us to stay in any place, only in advancing constantly learn to choose, learn to understand, learn to appreciate.

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The story is beginning to unfold

Or something exciting could happen

ou start off slow. The story is beginning to unfold. You’re unsure. It’s a big commitment lugging this tome around. Maybe this book won’t be that great but you’ll feel guilty about putting it down. Maybe it’ll be so awful you’ll keep hate-reading or just set it down immediately and never pick it up again. Or maybe you’ll come back to it some night, drunk or lonely — needing something to fill the time, but it won’t be any better than it was when you first started reading it.

Maybe you’re worn out. You’ve read tons of books before. Some were just light weights on a Kindle or Nook, no big deal really. Others were Infinite Jest-style burdens, heavy on your back or in your purse. Weighing you down all the time. Maybe you’ve taken some time off from reading because the last few books you read just weren’t worth it. Do they even write new, great works of literature anymore? Maybe that time you fell in love with a book before will just never happen for you again. Maybe it’s a once in a lifetime feeling and you’re never gonna find it again.

Or something exciting could happen. Maybe this will become your new favorite book. That’s always a possibility right? That’s the beauty of risk. The reward could actually be worth it. You invest your time and your brain power in the words and what you get back is empathy and a new understanding and pure wonder.

How could someone possibly know you like this? Some stranger, some author, some character. It’s like they’re seeing inside your soul. This book existed inside some book store, on a shelf, maybe handled by other people and really it was just waiting for you pick it up and crack the spine. It was waiting to speak to you. To say, “You are not alone.”

You just want more of the story. You want to keep reading, maybe everything this author’s ever written. You wish it would never end. The closer it gets to the smaller side of the pages, the slower you read, wanting to savor it all. This book is now one of your favorites forever. You will always wish you could go back to never having read it and pick it up fresh again, but also you know you’re better for having this close, inside you, covering your heart and mind.

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